Stanthorpe OzTag

Club Name:  Stanthorpe Oztag Association Inc

Contact Name:  John Coben

Contact Details:  0409 634 339



Description of Sport:  Non Contact Rugby

Club Information:  Played at Sullivan and Crisp Ovals, Stanthorpe

Season Information: (dates etc)  Spring each year

Age Group & Genders:  Junior and Senior mixed Competitions

Cost:  QLD Oztag organise

Training Days:  Thursdays

Location:  Sullivan and Crisp Ovals, Stanthorpe

Travel Requirements:  Nil

Link to Registration Pages:

Uniform/Equipment Supplied:  Tags and footballs, post pads, marker cones

Special Needs Inclusion:

Volunteers Roles:  Help and organisation

Representative Opportunities:  Yes – Regional and State